We support great things

Bolster is pleased to support an amazing project. 

The Super Power Baby Project is about "creating a new language to describe disability". by showing the world the beauty in these amazing Super Power children. 

Award Winning New Zealand photographer Rachel Callander is going to create a photographic art book of children from all over New Zealand with a range of chromosomal and genetic conditions ("super powers"). The amazing photographs will be accompanied by stories of these children and the super powers they posses.  

Like Rachel (who's daughter Evie had super powers, but is no longer with us) this project is close to our heart. We desperately want to see it succeed.

There is only 5 days left to pledge your support. If the full $70,000 isn't raised you don't donate. If it is raised an amazing photographic and design masterpiece will be born.

Please donate. It feels wonderful