Merry Xmas to everyone

We are winding down this week ready to take a well deserved break over Xmas (20th Dec – Jan 6th). This morning we did some work for our client at Lift Education working on the latest School Journal (which is pretty much one of our favourite things to do) and then we went to our first Bolster Xmas party! Before people get upset that they weren't invited, you can be assured that you were not left out... no one was invited. It was a party for two.

The stink thing about being a start up is that you can't necessarily afford to take out all your clients and supporters, even though you'd love to (next year hopefully). But the great thing about being a company consisting of two people is you can go somewhere nice and you still have company! This afternoon we went to Hippopotamus for a lovely 3 course lunch and a celebratory bottle of wine. It was great to sit and reflect on the crazy year we have had. Finishing up at Learning Media, setting up Bolster, finding new clients and securing some great work. Two friends living the dream... a dream that is only just starting really. We feel absolutely chuffed that the last two months have gone so well. We would really love to thank all our supporters, contributors and fantastic clients. A big thank you to Lift Education, Young Enterprise Trust, Creative Strategies, Huia NZ, Hutt City Council, Haunt Digital and Quit Group for the work over the past 2 months. You have been amazing to work with and have given us such an amazing chance at setting up our company. We look forward to working with you all in the future.

We hope everyone everyone has an amazing Xmas. Keep safe and CHEERS to 2014.

Big love Jodi and Liz


Party for two.. hope we can at least double our party numbers next year hehe :)

Party for two.. hope we can at least double our party numbers next year hehe :)