We have some cool mates

One of the great things about being a designer and all round interesting person (hehe) is that you meet a lot of other creative people, and they sometimes become your really great friends.

At Learning Media we were lucky to work with a bloke called Leon Mackie. He is a fab designer and we were pretty sad when he left to seek out fame and fortune in Aussie, with his partner Lilly. It all actually turned out to be a pretty good for move for them. A cool new design job and a baby called Orson were born.

Because working as a designer and being a new dad doesn't quite fill your days (what??!!).. Leon, Lilly and Orson have started a cool blog called Cardboard Box Office. They create scenes from famous movies in their apartment using household items and the whole family appear as the cast. It really is a very cool idea, super clever and funny. It will be a wonderful keepsake for Orson. I wonder what age he will be when he either tells his parents that kids at school are teasing him for being a cardboard movie star, or be telling Dad what movie is next on the list.

Check them out here http://cardboardboxoffice.com/ and follow them on twitter @our_boxoffice

Apollo 13 © cardboard box office

Apollo 13 © cardboard box office