Health literacy

One topic we are very passionate about at Bolster is health. Our health, your health. Being educated about how to be healthy and changing to make it happen .

We recognise the importance visual communication plays when it comes to encouraging people to change bad habits. Knowing the target audience is so important, especially when low literacy levels can be a main driver. What sets us apart from most other design companies is we are well versed in the latest health visual literacy research. We not only design health resources, we also audit existing resources and can offer purposeful critique. We are definitely not just going to create a purely aesthetic solution for health projects. We use what we know about health literacy, combined with rigorous process and user testing to create a product that will get results. 

We have worked on a variety of health related projects. Some highlights have been designing a suite of resources about healthy eating, and resources made specifically for the Department of Corrections to be used in prisons.

Skills include: target market knowledge; health visual literacy; art direction; photoshoots; user testing; concept designs; budget and time constraints.

CLIENT: Various